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Fund Industry Solutions


For years Internad has developed various solutions for the fund industry. Our solutions have achieved the following for global investment managers:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Enhance customer service
  • Maximize sales performance

The following product suites fill the missing pieces of the puzzle for investment managers to service their clients better while ensuring regulatory compliance:

Despite the advancement in messaging solutions, the majority of fund orders in the Asia Pacific region are communicated through fax. This presents immense challenges for fund promoters to improve operational efficiency, reduce overhead while controlling risk.

With Internad's Fund Order Management System, global investment management companies are able to collect, process, and confirm deal orders from distributors, retail and institutional clients as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Features and Benefits of the Fund Order Management System:

Feature Benefit
Automatically route deal orders from fax gateway or data feed to the handling staff and return acknowledgement to sender Ensure incoming deal orders are handled as quickly as possible while saving time and resources in sorting out incoming fax and sending acknowledgements
Deal input screen with auto-filling of default values, deal restriction checking and various other validations Reduce input error, help enforce risk management and regulatory compliance
Intelligent workflow process for deal order approval with configurable routing criteria such as order size, order type etc. Flexible deal order approval workflow with better control of the process
Integration with backoffice for settlement Transmit deal orders automatically and accurately to backoffice for settlement without needing human intervention
Includes various MIS reports for record keeping, reconciliation, statistical analysis etc. Management has full capability to monitor the fund servicing operation to improve efficiency, accuracy and ensure compliance

The Fund Order Management System is available as a licensed software suite with various options.

For many years fund companies have used substantial resources, both in-house and third party, to produce the monthly or quarterly fund fact sheets. Despite the growing acceptance of electronic format such as PDF to distribute fund fact sheets, the process of collecting, manipulating and inputting fund data to create them remains as time consuming and tedious as ever. That's where Internad's Fund Fact Sheet Generator comes to rescue.

Internad's Fund Fact Sheet Generator turns the entire manual procedure of preparing fund fact sheets into an automated system process. Whether the fact sheets are targeted at retail clients, co-brand distributors or institutional clients, the Fund Fact Sheet Generator will cut the amount of resources you spend each month to prepare and generate them:

Features and Benefits of the Fund Fact Sheet Generator:

Feature Benefit
Custom fund fact sheet template The set of fund fact sheet templates are tailor made for you and your clients in order to retain the look and feel of your existing fact sheets
Support local fund fact sheet with fund attributes and in language specific to the country where it is marketed Different versions of fact sheet can be generated for the same fund product which comply with local requirements
Upload and import source data files with validation checking Support source data files in Excel, CSV or third party (e.g. Lipper) format with system checking the validity of each data field before importing to ensure accuracy
Calculate and derive fund statistics required to be included in fact sheets, such as historical performance, chart data, asset allocation and top holdings No more messy and time consuming calculations using spreadsheets – our built-in calculation functions will generate all the essential fund statistics instantly and error-free
Generate fund fact sheets in batch and automatically publish to website Generate all your fact sheets as a batch job with simple click of a button. To distribute the generated fact sheets quickly, the system can even upload the generated fact sheets to your web server for clients to download.

The Fund Fact Sheet Generator is available both as a licensed software suite and a hosted service.

Internad's Fund Under Management Analytics is a business intelligence tool designed for asset managers and their sales and marketing persons to gain a full picture on the sales and distribution of fund products across various channels. In other words, the system answers the question "How are my fund products selling and how can I approve my sales performance?"

The system provides a central repository of fund products and AuM statistics for funds sold, distributed and/or managed across the enterprise. The data are collected from individual business units, from which MIS reports can be generated for analysis, performance review and sales forecasting.

Information collected into the central repository includes fund attributes, fund price, dividend, performance against benchmarks, ratings, AuM movements by business unit, distribution channel, and asset class. The collected data are extracted and consolidated into the Fund Under Management database, from which management reports are generated using various customized report templates.

The following are the key business benefits of the system:

  • Centralized fund master and fund data repository that can be shared by different users on a consistent basis
  • Reduce errors in generating various outputs by having data consistency checking during data collection
  • Enables the sharing of fund information among different business units across separate physical locations
  • Reduce the time and effort to generate the various AuM statistics reports
  • Flexibility for advanced users to design custom reports and perform drill-down analysis

The Fund Under Management System is available both as a licensed software suite and as hosted service.