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Event Management Solutions


From sponsoring a major sporting or cultural event to hosting a customer seminar, Internad's Event Management Solutions give you the essential tools to meet the ultimate goal of that event - build better, more profitable relationship with your customers.

Built from our past experiences in facilitating major corporate events and academic conferences, Internad's Event Management Solutions comprise the following modules:

The success of each event depends largely how well you promote it. Our Event Marketing system helps you communicate to your prospects electronically about the event, enticing them to respond and register to attend.

Key features and benefits of Event Marketing:

  • Mass mailing with filtering and personalized greeting - market the event directly to each prospect while keeping a personal touch
  • Track response - track opening of message and click through to event website
  • Bounced email handling - report bounced email addressed for follow-up
  • Automatically filled registration form - automatically fill in prospect's information (e.g. name, email address) in event registration form to make the sign-up process as easy as possible

The Event Registration module caters for simple single session events as well as more complex multi-days, multi-session events that may require advanced ticket allotment and even travel arrangements.

Here is a glimpse of the features and benefits of the Event Registration module:

  • Direct and indirect registrations - invitees may register directly online by themselves or through an agent (e.g. sales or customer relationship manager). This provides flexibility in handling different type of registration models.
  • Sophisticated quota management - set event quota to restrict the number of attendees and their guests, or in case of registration by agent, dynamically control the allotment quota of each agent. Thresholds can be set to monitor and generate alert when number of slots available is getting low.
  • Versatile ticketing management - support multi-channel, multi-days, multi-session ticketing for those events which require admissions ticket. Both centralized and distributed ticket pool are supported.
  • Who else is coming - an option for online registration to see who else is attending the event to build camaraderie and encourage sign-up.
  • Add value with travel arrangements - assist event attendees with travel and accommodation arrangements, such as online booking of complimentary/concessionary hotel rooms and transportation and integration with travel agency reservation system.
  • Dynamic reporting tools - generate reports on demand to show number of registrants by demography, agent, session, travel booking etc. This helps the event manager re-allocate resources if necessary to maximize attendance and utilization.

The Event Admission module takes care of all the onsite verification and tracking of attendees during the event. By tapping into the Event Registration database, the attendees are verified in real time before allowing admission and their activities are tracked.

The Event Admission module has the following additional features and benefits:

  • Instant admission verification - Scan admission ticket using barcode scanner to quickly identify ticket holder in real time to prevent impersonation
  • Multiple location admission - Support multiple locations with different admission criteria (e.g. hospitality suite reserved for VIP guests only)
  • Giveaway management - track the redemption of valuable giveaway items to ensure fair entitlement. The inventory level of each item is updated in real time to alert the host if it is running out.
  • Onsite reporting - generate reports onsite any time to give management instant statistics on admissions to different locations, guest list, giveaway item inventory level etc. This enables the host to respond quickly to situations and adjust operations accordingly.

The above modules of the Event Management Solutions are available as hosted service. As an option, Internad can provide onsite technical support for those customers using the Event Admission module.