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Core Competence


Technology is the foundation of many of today's vital business functions. It helps you with employee communication and collaboration, it aids your partnerships with other businesses and it helps you reach out to your customers. But technology evolves and changes quickly, challenging even the most astute business to retain the right IT staff, with the right skill set.

Internad’s key strength lies within our people, and the combination of their knowledge, skillset and experience drive our core competence, which falls into the following areas:

  • Ability to articulate the business needs of our clients to create effective solutions
  • Detail sizing of effort to produce accurate and realistic estimates and accurate project timeline
  • Rich domain knowledge and expertise in client’s particular sector

  • Creative designers from advertising industry and production house
  • Ergonomic design with emphasis on universal accessibility
  • Multi-lingual and multi-media capabilities

  • Software engineers with years of experience developing full scale enterprise applications
  • Employ object oriented design and methodology with fast prototyping
  • Technical prowess in industry standard programming language and development framework

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have the knowledge, skills and commitment to support your business operations. We'll help you harness technology by offering the following services:

Web Site Hosting and Co-location

  • 24x7 Internet Data Centre Infrastructure
  • Professional Web Site and Co-location Server Management
  • Stringent access control and intrusion prevention
  • Monthly Penetration Testing
  • Regular security review and patches
  • Web Site Traffic Report

Enterprise I.T. Support

  • System review and security audit
  • Server and network monitoring and support
Fund Industry Solutions
Event Management Solutions
E-Commerce Solutions