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About Us

Internad offers advanced data processing, software solutions and
technical services that enable clients to :

  • Boost productivity
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance customer service
  • Drive sales

Internad was founded in Hong Kong in 1995 by a group of information technology and marketing professionals when the Internet phenomenon was just starting to take shape in Asia. Our name "Internad" thus reflected our vision to help businesses take Advantage of the Internet technology.

Throughout the years we have helped countless enterprises realize that vision - from helping company communicate better digitally, to establishing online storefront or creating web based solutions that streamline business processes.

From our headquarter in the Hong Kong SAR, we reach out to customers in different parts of Asia, including Mainland China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan etc.

If you are searching for the bespoke yet proven solution to overcome your business challenges, Internad may have what you are looking for.

Robust, dependable software systems and applications take time to mature and stabilize. So rather than building from scratch, Internad recommends our proven, ready-made solutions that have already been field tested by real users in your industry. At the same time we also recognize that every client has unique requirements and demands. By owning and controlling 100% of the solutions we offer, we are also able to customize their functions and enhance their features to meet your requirements. Thus you get the best of both worlds - reliable system that can be shaped to fit your organization's needs.

For a list of industry specific solutions offered by Internad, please visit the Business Solutions section.

  • We stay focused on what we do best - see the description of our Core Competence
  • Stable team with domain knowledge
  • We offer not just the resources, but proven solutions to overcome the business and technical challenges
  • Professional project management to ensure high quality of work and timely delivery
  • Committed to develop deep and long-standing partnership with customers
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